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Dragon Kungfu Forms and Applications

   Jade Dragon Warrior Arts posts a variety of Dragon Style Kungfu videos to share authentic Dragon Style Kungfu forms instruction and applications. 

   This website will be periodicaly updated with new videos and text describing the nature of Dragon Style Kungfu and it's applications.

   The Dragon Styles represented here correspond with different elements such as Iron, Air (Etherial), Fire (Red) and Water.  

   Jade Dragon Warrior Arts is sharing it's Dragon Kungfu on this website as a response to the lack of information currently on the internet regarding Dragon Style Kungfu. We are available for questions, classes and seminars. Please reach us by email via the CONTACT PAGE.

Dragon Essence

“That which can be explained is not the way.” 

-Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

In philosophical terms, essence is defined as the attribute or set of attributes that make an

object or substance what it fundamentally is. When we look at Dragon Essence, yes, in a matter

of speaking it just is, in a perspective, empty of anything else. That doesn’t necessarily lead

to understanding. In order to grasp it, we need to look at traits that, when combined, comprise

the essence itself. When you fully identify with the dragon in form, meditate on it and aspire to

be it, there is no question.

To the observer Dragon style appears to be fluid, circular, graceful, mighty, powerful, and

majestic. The inner concepts of divinity, sacredness, regality, power, internal nature, and

mystery are all trademarks of the dragon style which may be apparent.

The dragon embodies a concept or element completely. In the metal dragon form, for

example, one is not merely cultivating the physical qualities of metal, but the energetic and

spiritual as well. In the metal dragon form the chopping hand falls like a golden axe splitting a

mountain, the fist strikes like a golden hammer sounding a bell, and the dragon claw is likened

to five madmen wielding broadswords. All these qualities may physically manifest as one

performs the set. Energetically the “ssss” would resonate energizing the lungs, large intestine,

nasal canal, and shoulders with clear white qi. Spiritually, the Po would be cultivated.

Externally dragon style may appear to be paradoxical in nature, yet in actuality it is the

dragon stylists’ understanding of oneness and nonduality; a fusion in yin and yang thoroughly

integrated. Though as a whole not particularly aggressive, this style is reliant on unrelenting

offensive attacks once action has been initiated. These can be a slow moving meditation, or

an unceasing heavy lightning speed barrage. The constant coiling and compound circular hand

work is reminiscent of snake, but instead of terminating into whipping motions, the dragon hits

with a shuddering body shaking fullness, not to mention the more commonly employed claw

rather than a piercing, spear-like fingertip strike.                              



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